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Xiones logo.gif
Original name 시오니스
Developer Naon Tech
Publisher Ontang / Gtube/ BMSoft
Current license ownership Naon Tech
Server Country Flag kr.gif South Korea
Common server IP n/a
Last published version Xiones (Ontang)

Xiones (시오니스) was a Ferentus clone developed by Ontang/BMSoft/Gtube from late 2006-early 2008. The game was entirely in Korean, though some die-hard players have made patches to translate some aspects of the game into English. The game used Version 3, which had an incomplete map, and a number of quests to perform. The maximum level cap was 65, though mob bosses were seen as high as 75.

Restrictions and Eventual Demise

The game was only available to citizens of South Korea, though one could access the website and register for an account if they knew Korean. Restrictions were later laid down, blocking the website from anyone using a foreign IP, thus making it virtually impossible to register for an account, or even start the game. However, the game execution problem was bypassed simply by adding -ontang1234 to the Xiones shortcut properties.

Company interaction

The End

The game with all its service (website etc.) shut down on 8. August 2008 with little to no announcement.

No U Return?

Unconfirmed as of May 25th 2009, Eownage forum members have been saying a "decision on the fate of Xiones" will be made on Gtube's website June 7th of this year.

Website & Domain activities

The website (running under Gtube) was the official portal to the game.

The official website(s) of this game turned down some days/weeks right after the publisher shut down the game server on 8th August 2008.


Current owner of http://www.ferentus.com is a man named Kim Arild who bought the domain January 2011 with hope "to make a forum where the Ferentus/Xiones and Herrcot community can gather, and exchange info." Currently he's hosting a forum running vBulletin.

More Domains

In middle of 2010 Kim Arild also bought the former official domain http://ferentus.com of Ferentus which directs to the same website as http://www.xiones.com.

Kim Arild is also looking forward to buy http://www.herrcot.de and http://www.herrcot.com which are current on sale. First one was the official homepage of German Herrcot.


Herrcot.com is for public sale right now, $500 starting bid, Auction ending 15. jan. 2013
Im not gonna offer that, I`ll wait and see what happens after the auction runs out, and contact the seller again.

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