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Races supported

Wizards dominate many elemental spells and can release an enormous destructive power. Physically, however, they are rather weak and need to be protected by the other party members. Wizards have the ability to travel on the continent by teleporting. Teleporting skill mixed with Cleric's invite and visit can quickly move the whole party to the desired place.


Page 1

Wizard Skill Page 1.png

Page 1 Skills
Harm Mastery Up Charging Hand
Magic Bolt Fire Bolt
Meditation Wad
Harm Resist Up Magic Sword

Page 2

Wizard Skill Page 2.png

Page 2 Skills
Fire Ball Harm Resist Down
Freezing Crystal Conversion
Expert Fire Bolt Cure Poison
Position Memorize Teleport

Page 3

Wizard skill page 3.png

Page 3 Skills
Sleep Pillar Of Fire
Mana Shield Flame Tornardo
Invisibility Thunder Lightning

Master page

Wizard Master Skill Page.png

Master Page Skills
Vision Mana Nuke


Wizards could use a big variety of combos which were triggered by clicking Shift when the vertical white bar was passing above the orange part of the line. If you hit Shift in the right timing the bar would turn green, that meant the combo worked.

Meditation + Harm Resist Up

Fire Bolt + Fire ball

Wad + Magic Bolt + Magic Sword

Harm Resist Down + Fire Ball + Pillar of Fire

Magic Bolt + Magic Sword + Sleep

Freezing Crystal + Expert Fire Bolt

Mana Nuke + Freezing Crystal + Flame Tornardo

Thunder Lightning + Flame Tornardo + Pillar of Fire + Mana Nuke

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