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Ein Krieger mit seiner Zähigkeit und gewaltigen Stärke steht immer an vorderster Front. Für Krieger ist Angriff die beste Verteidigung.


From: http://www2.atwiki.jp/ferentus/pages/7.html

SwordMastery (Passive) Damage + ○% one-handed sword at the time Effect may not come out when equipped in the hands of the only skill gain both when equipped with a sword in one hand ... Is +1% to 2Lvl per unknown in the second half

AxeMastery (Passive) Damage + ○% one-handed ax when equipped Same as SwordMastery

Slash (Active) Basic AttackPower + xx ~ yy CoolDown seems short

Harsh (Active) Basic AttackPower + xx ~ yy Damage is greater than Slash CoolDown usually

Taunt (Active) Basic AttackPower + xx ~ yy Sta consumption is less strange And strange skill of giving also great damage further Taunt effect to their target of enemy Series: Slash → Taunt

Cleave (Active) Basic DefencePower + fixed value this is not know well, you might lower the Def enemy has not been Def rise of their own and then maybe ... Nearly 40 consumption Sta I think this is usually just a Ale Taunt

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