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Naon Tech
Naontech neonworld.gif
Full Name Naon Tech Co., Ltd.
Legal form Cooperation (Limited)
Business Type Game Development Company[1]
Country Flag kr.gif South Korea
Office Address 1357-2 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137 - 070, Flag kr.gif South Korea[2]
Year Established 2000[1] [2]
No. of Total Employees 1 - 50[2]

Naon Tech Co., Ltd. is a Korean software company started career with developing the MMORPG Herrcot under the name "Naontech Neo World".


Office building

Pictures of the building of Naon Tech really confuses people since there are different sources with different buildings. Maybe the company changed its location or we are even talking about 2 different companies. Nothing accurate is known about this information yet.


"Naon" is a Korean word and literally means "one step forwarding and pleasing".
The English word "Tech" is a shortened form of "Technology".


The domains or are now owned by different companies.

The original website of Naontech can still be found withing the web-archive:


Not much know about the staff of Naontech.

Naon Tech committee
Job Name
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / President 黄善河 (Huang Shan River) (Hwangsunhwa)
Planning Director Lin Zhixiong[3]
“In 2004, Lin Zhixiong was also heavily involved with the development of the server for the online game Herrcot Online at NaonTech.“[3]
Hwangsunhwa + Game Developer
Game Developer

Contact information

Contact Info
Contact information
Contact Person KIM, WON-GEYUNG
Tel +82-31-492-0277
Fax +82-31-492-0280
Contact information
Contact Person Kim, Kyungwook (Team Manager)
Tel +82-2-598-6549
Fax +82-2-598-6548



Development of Herrcot


The development/release of the game was 1998. When Naon Tech announced the first closed beta test of Herrcot and started game's tragical history, not many of people in game industry noticed much of them. Maybe that was because it was their very first time developing a MMORPG of huge scale. Naon Tech had spent almost 2 years of time creating and elaborating the BLADE Engine, which acts as fundamental base of Herrcot world. The developers of Herrcot gathered to make a game they always dreamed of.

Mr. Hwang, CEO of Naon Tech:
“Herrcot is a MMORPG with Medieval European atmosphere.
It may seem to be very plain, which can be regarded as a boring game, but we focused on the uniqueness of our own, rather than competing similar features against other successful games in the market.”
Mr. Hwang, CEO of Naon Tech:
2004-10-19: “The company has developed more than four years”[1]

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We know that Naontech is still alive and running, but is a very small korean company with less than 30 employees who work for some other company(s?) now, probably by an acquisition following their failure in Herrcot. NCsoft is also a Korean company and owns ArenaNet who made Guild Wars 2 (though their studio is technically based in Washington, US).

Is it possible some of the developers of Ferentus were sub-contracted for this game?

Fun fact: naontech worked together with the developers of Silk Road and Kal Online. Even found some old info in korean a while ago that in 2002 or 2003 the 3d Blade Engine that they used was very interesting because of it's power. (or something like that)