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Welcome to FHX-Online Wiki !

The FHX-Online Wiki is a branch project of

This website was made to gather all the information relative to the games Ferentus, Herrcot, Xiones and our custom browser based game FHX-Online which was dedicated to and derived from these.

By now the FHX-Online Wiki is still in first state containing some invalid contents and articles that require base revisions.

Help us to make this wiki a place of truths, facts and educational content if you are familiar with Ferentus, Herrcot, Xiones or any relative stuff and if you are one of us who think that information is a free and mighty good that should be shared.

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Just another wiki ?

Probably some contents in this wiki can be found in other relative wikis like, or also which sadly felt into oblivion or have never become famous. We have put much effort to collect and note down again all the available information from all known wikis to have everything stored on a single and well organized place.

At this point we would like to say thanks to the owners and authors of and for the great work and the information we have found there. If you are owner of any named wikis and feel betrayed by the fact that we store information or articles that are equal to any content of your own site please feel free to contact us by mail.

We at trying to keep stuff like information, memories and also the scattered community that characterized the game concentrated at one place. We really think that all of this doesn't fit into oblivion. The FHX-Online Wiki includes contents and articles about our custom game FHX-Online too. You can check out the similarities and differences between FHX-Online, Ferentus, Herrcot and Xiones in each article. Note that if characteristics are not specified to a single game they are equal for all of them in most cases. These are just few of many things that make this wiki unique and indispensable for us.