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The history of the game is quite difficult. The game has been published in many shapes and versions by different companies. Titles of the game were Ferentus, Herrcot and Xiones.

Basic information

Ferentus was virtually identical to the games Herrcot and Xiones. So far as known, the game was published 4 times at all by different companies with different names. Some information is still missing. Currently, there are no public game versions available to play, but still there are allot of people yearning for the return of this awesome game.

How it all began

Created and first published by the Korean company Naon Tech Herrcot started to satisfy countless gamers in Korea and enjoyed the fame. When Naon Tech announced its first closed beta test of Herrcot, not many people in game industry noticed much of them. Maybe that's because it was their very first time developing a MMORPG of huge scale. Naon Tech had spent almost 2 years of time creating and elaborating the BLADE Engine, which acts as fundamental base of Herrcot world. The developers of Herrcot gathered to make a game they always dreamed of.

Mr. Hwang, CEO of NaonTech:
"Herrcot is a MMORPG with Medieval European atmosphere."

Key points of History

  1. Herrcot was developed by Naon Tech
  2. Herrcot was published by Naon Tech
  3. Ferentus was leased to DQ Technology from Naon Tech
  4. ...

drafts (comments) taken from external sites (boards) (abandoned?)

13.12.2004: Herrcot: 4th major update named as "War Cry"

Herrcot enstand dadruch, dass DQ die Rechte von Ferentus kaufte und es übersetzte

12.11.2006: Feretnus supposed to be back 4th december

10.10.2006: Ferentus will be down for at least a month maybe never come back

12.11.2006: Ferentus will be back 4th december, also Herrcot is ending, everyone going over to Xiones

14.10.2006: Ferentus is an English translation of Herrcot not the other way round. Ferentus forum filtered name "Herrcot" to keep people asking about it

Titan world: "Great Rebellion" (Nest of Rebellion) "Black Road"

25.09.2006: Ferentus is in a free Beta-testing mode right now

03.10.2006: Ferentus down!

07.10.2006: This is second time server is down

09.10.2006: I've played from version 2 to version 3

Publishing time grid

Publishing time grid
Nr. Name Publisher Language Map Type From Till Client Download
1 Herrcot Naon Tech Flag kr.gif Korean Glorious Imperial Territory ~2003 n/a n/a
2 Ferentus War Cry (V1) DQ Technology Flag us.gif English Glorious Imperial Territory n/a n/a

(346MB | v0.7.1.4 | 06/29/2005 )

download (.tar.gz)

checksum (.sha1)

3 Ferentus (V2) DQ Technology Flag us.gif English South ROG Frontier n/a n/a n/a
4 Ferentus (V3) DQ Technology Flag us.gif English South ROG Frontier n/a ~03.10.2006

(314MB | v1.0.0.00 | 08/01/2006 )

download (.tar.gz)

checksum (.sha1)

5 Herrcot Naon Tech Flag kr.gif Korean Glorious Imperial Territory January 2005 ~12.11.2006

(349MB | v0.6.5.00 | 01/28/2005 )

download (.tar.gz)

checksum (.sha1)

6 Xiones (V3) Ontang / Gtube/ BMSoft Flag kr.gif Korean South ROG Frontier ~11.2006 08.08.2008

(327MB | v1.0.1.00 | 06/14/2007 )

download (.tar.gz)

checksum (.sha1)

7 Herrcot (V3) GameForge 4D Flag de.gif German South ROG Frontier ~08.05.2007 ~24.01.2008

(297MB | v1.0.0.6 | 05/02/2007 )

download (.tar.gz)

checksum (.sha1)

Related downloads

Herrcot Englisch-Patch 2.2 (.tar.gz) checksum (.sha1)

Xiones Englisch-Patch (.tar.gz) checksum (.sha1)

(For possible password requirements for downloaded archives please try "".)

20.08.2006: Gameforge 4D war so nett, uns die Möglichkeit einzuräumen, über ihr kommendes MMOG Herrcot zu berichten.
Das Spiel selbst läuft in Korea seit Januar 2005 und konnte dort überzeugen. In den USA wurde die Open Beta gestartet, allerdings unter dem Namen Ferentus.
Insgesamt spielen oder testen bereits über 500.000 Spieler Herrcot, Grund genug für Gameforge 4D, es nun für den deutschen Markt zu publishen.



Not much known about this game version. The developer Naon Tech published it's own game for a while.


Herrcot (2003-07-21)

Ferentus: War Cry (Volume 1)


This game originally had no quests, and a different map. The same thing as Korean Herrcot but in English. And was also the open beta version.

The free open beta of Ferentus was released around August of 2005 and continued through late 2006. On January 19th 2007 the team of DQ Technology announced on the homepage that the Ferentus project was closed.


The official publisher for this version was DQ Technology.

(Ferentus is leased to DQ Technology from Naon Tech)

Ferentus (Volume 2)


This version was the Original test server for ferentus V3. The Version 2 (V2) Ferentus was the closed beta version.


The official publisher for this version was DQ Technology.

Ferentus (Volume 3)


This game introduced a new (though incomplete) map, and quests.


The official publisher for this version was DQ Technology.

Herrcot (Flag kr.gif Korean)


The stats acted the same and the map was the same and the mobs everywhere except in d2 ( the higher pvp desert ) which were lowered. In this version skills were changed to different levels and same with armor and equipment. Some skills and items were taken out in general and some were boosted to requirements of over level 70 like for example the Gothic armor in the shops but it is impossible to wear that since the level cap was 65. The option to use the "Hardcore" mode was also taken out of the game. This mode was once you got a character to level 30 you could remake a new character and make it a hardcore one. Hardcore give you an extra 10 skill points when you start off, 10 extra stat points, the ability to wear items that are within 3 levels of your level. EX:There is a level 47 staff here and you have the required stat points and you are only level 44, you could use it. Last but not least a hardcore character gets an extra 75-100% more exp per kill(I honestly forget how much but it is within that range), except there was a huge downside to using hardcore. That was when that character dies it cannot fight for 3 whole hours. So basically it is meant for only leveling and not much pvp. Though if you make a hardcore character and want to use it in pvp you ought to be "hardcore" at pvping. The version 2 was a bit of a challenge to level up instead of the previous version although it gave a nice grind to players which soon got accustomed to it so when v3 came around leveling was nothing.


The official publisher for this version was Naon Tech.



Ferentus: Volume 3, in Korean with some changes as: repeatable quests, new areas for boss hunting where you could farm soul items.

Naon Tech was consumed by another S. Korean data comm. company. Herrcot has shut down. When Naon Tech announced its shutdown, it also announced it will no longer be developing anything else for Herrcot or anything linked to Herrcot. The company who bought Naon Tech said Herrcot will not be a title they will bring back. However, the latest client( new map and all) will be saved for a future project called Xiones.

The game shut down with a announcment pic on their front page saying that the game will shut down in 8/8/08 (day/month/year).

Shutdown Popup


The official publisher for this version was Ontang / Gtube/ BMSoft.

Herrcot (Flag de.gif German)


Ferentus: German Herrcot was developed by a german company named GameForge 4D , it was the last version to be created, had same mas as Ferentus V3, although it was discontinued before Xiones, many of the non-koreans Xiones' players moved to German Herrcot then a massive amount (old Xiones' players with the newcomers from German Herrcot) returned to Xiones to play it until the end.

As a result and with a heavy heart, GameForge 4D took Herrcot offline.

GameForge 4D, on Herrcot website:
"This will happen shortly after 20th, January 2008. At the same time we will also take the homepage and the board offline.
But we don't want to loose the strong and good connection to the great Herrcot community, so we will keep the board online a little longer.
Of course we will inform you immediately if we know of any other way to play Herrcot in future."


The official publisher for this version was GameForge 4D.

Differences & Similarities


Ferentus / Herrcot / Xiones had a total of 3 races. A few more was in development, but however none of the companies never really finished them.


The American version had licensing issues with the original Korean makers.
Herrcot is where Ferentus originated DQ bought the rights and translated it


[QUOTE=Kimmi, 08-06-2011]

Naontech is a business company, they are here TO MAKE MONEY!!!! They will sell what ever version ANYONE wants to buy. They have stoped their own development of the game, but if someone where to PAY THEM to continue developing the game, they would do so for the next 100 years. Money.. money... money.

Staff that is needed is People with High C++ and Linux knowledge to be able to install the servers in the first place.

There is nothing wrong with paying for a Ferentus lincese, setting up a server at home. Then spend how ever long time you want to setup the servers, be it 1, 2 or 5 years.

THE PROBLEM is that when you do business with a company and buy license to run their software, you are responsable for their 'source code' If you dont protect your servers and their code gets stolen you are looking at a lawsuit you`ll never recover from.

I know 99% or none of you understand this, but Its the most important factor in this.