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Eownage logo.png
Original name Eownage
Website http://www.eownage.com
Former: http://eownage.110mb.com/

Eownage was a small company that is now defunct. It's mission was to bring back an MMORPG similar to ferentus. However, they were very poorly funded and remained that way untill their demise, which is one of the main reasons the company failed. The other being that they simply could not find programmers to work for them. Currently, Eownage is restructuring itself and preparing to come back as a new gaming new site. The name of Eownage head was Sam.

Eownage.com had a pretty good set up to attempt to bring it back. But i guess recently their attempts were crushed by the fact that they couldn't find any funding, information, or skilled designers/programmers.

(this is a complete copy of my post on another game forum)

for those of you that never heard of any of these mmorpg's

a few years ago (2-3) a company called DQ Technology joined with other companies and made 3 incomplete versions of ferentus, although it was a fantastic game they did not get very far due to lack of funds and thus they had to shut the project down and the company disappeared off the face of the earth.

Now 2 years later there is hope of ferentus coming back

a company called Eownage has gladly dedicated their time into re building this fantastic mmorpg that could not reach its full potential. they estimate that it might not be finished until the end of this year on perhaps later next year due to many set backs and they are also quite busy on their own actual projects

but either ways they are not sure when they would be finished and dont intend on telling us any time soon but on the other hand they have already completed more than 30% and they are re making this game on a new graphics engine

for more information and updates join their forum http://www.eownage.com/forums/index.php?c=16

and btw they only intend on letting members in their forums to play the beta when they have finished

Eownage has not released any in game screen shots yet of their own version but they have given us a sneak peek at the filed that have completed and music they put in

Contact information


  • sdavids@eownage.com

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