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To be able to craft in this game you basically need 3 aspects:


These can be found if you press "k" and look into the last tab called "making". There are 7 sub-skills you use in crafting depending on the crafting sheet you use.


Some of the needed materials can be bought at the materials NPC, others can be found by hunting monsters.


Some low level sheets can be bought at the NPC's called "Apprentice Blacksmit". Higher level sheets can be found by hunting monsters. Just take in mind that the indicated level on those sheets are not character level but crafting skill level, tobe more precisely the level of your "Manufactor" skill.

How to become a craftsman

Getting the crafting skills

What i did was the following and I'm sure others will have their own opinions about it: Because the crafting skills and your battle skills both need skill-points, i first used my skill points to get my battle skills and used "extra" skill-points to access the crafting skills. I would recommend to not use and skill-points to increase any skill you already have, because those skills grow while you use them by their own. Very important thing to remember and take into consideration is the fact that the next tab of battle skills always use more skill-points as the previous tab. Example: battle skills in tab "I" used 1 skill-point, while the ones on tab "II" needed 2 skill-points to activate. And you get only 1 skill-point per character level...

Getting the crafting skills

For a list see >>crafting materials<<, or see >>this topic<< for info on where to get the material for the first levels of crafting. Alternatively you could also check the Ferentus Database.

Getting the crafting sheets

Some sheets can be bought at NPCs while the most usable sheets like Rare Sheets can be found looting dead corpses of monsters.

Crafting while getting crafting exp

While you are able to craft at the blacksmith, you wont be getting any crafting exp, believe me i tried and it costed me a fortune at my low level. "So how i get crafting exp?" you say right?

Well here is how:

  • You have to start your crafting process using your "active" crafting skill named "Manufacture". This skill will open the same interface as you get at the blacksmit, but this time you will be doing the actual crafting instead thats why you also get exp for it.
  • Start by placing the crafting sheet into the window that opens when you use "manufacture" skill. Next put a "Manufactoring Kit" into that window, this item can be re-used so you only need 1. They can be bought for 1gp at these "Grocer" NPC´s: Rog: Ainese Gray, Elia Baskin
  • Next place all the indicated ingredients that will be shown both in the window and in your sheet.
  • Last step is: Press "Creation". This will popup a question with an amount it will cost you to craft that item. If you accept, the process will initiate.
  • When it succeeds you will get both your item and some crafting exp in the skills used to craft the sheet. If the process fails however, you might be given back some of the ingredients used, but will always lose your sheet, and also get some very small amount of crafting exp.

How to use upgrade tool

To be able to do so you need:

  • A Magic sheet for your item.
  • An Upgrade Tool, which you can buy for 1gp at these "Grocer" NPC´s: Rog: Ainese Gray, Elia Baskin
  • Crafting materials.
  • An item that has no upgrades on it yet.
  • Follow normal steps as in "Crafting while getting crafting exp", while replaceing the tool and sheet as mentioned here and also placing the item in the window.

Thats all there is to get you started in the profession of a "Crafter" in this game. Hope you all enjoyed this info and that it was of some help to you