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Map Continent
Map continent.jpg
Number of included zones 5
Number of developed zones 2

The Map Continent was a rumor or the never-reached goal of the merge of all existing maps developed by Naon Tech.

Naon Tech's plan was to make the world much bigger (add more maps). Unfortunately this never came to fruition, leaving Ferentus not even 1/4 done.

Due to Ferentus' rocky history, the developers never had a chance to complete the game, and unleash its full potential including the game's continent.


Each map would have been a zone in the main game.

The West and East part still remains.

More indicators

The statement "a merge of the maps is just a rumor" is being killed by one fact: The both developed maps Glorious Imperial Territory and South ROG Frontier had in-game teleporters (or gates) close at those borders were they supposed to be approachable by one another. Sadly both those teleporters never worked in any of game's versions. Still, the truth that there were teleporters tells that there was in fact a corresponding plan of the game developer Naon Tech.

South teleporter of Glorious Imperial Territory (similar)


Map Continent
Map Continent

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