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Clerics are the embodiment of divine protection. They dominate healing spells and magic. They support their group members, they can also teleport from place to place and bring their party members with them. Cleric conduct divine wrath by their hands, but they find more pleasure in healing and protecting others.


Page 1

Cleric skill 1.png

Page 1 Skills
Blessing Mastery Light Heal
Exceed Holy Bolt
Regeneration Holy Defense
Visit Heal

Page 2

Cleric skill 2.png

Page 2 Skills
Wisdom Fountain Touch of an Angel
Invite Magic Defense
Expert Holy Bolt Revive
Haste All Heal

Page 3

Cleric skill 3.png

Page 3 Skills
Dispel Grow Up
Holy Heal Remove Veil
Touch of an Archangel Party Recall

Master page

Cleric skill m.png

Master Page Skills
Nemesis Heaven's Heal


Clerics could use a big variety of healing and buffing combos and just one attacking combo which were triggered by clicking Shift when the vertical white bar was passing above the orange part of the line. If you hit Shift in the right timing the bar would turn green, that meant the combo worked.

Holy Bolt + Expert Holy Bolt + Nemesis

Magic Defense + Haste + Grow Up

Wisdom Fountain + Touch of an Angel + Magic Defense

Holy defense + Magic Defense + Wisdom Fountain

Light Heal + Heal

Heal + All Heal

Exceed + Regeneration

Holy Heal + All Heal + Heal + Heaven's Heal

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